A couple of months ago, I got caught up in the hype on Twitter over a beauty box collaboration between UK-based subscription box company Glossybox and the massive make up empire that is NARS.

It was all down to the marketing. There was a big announcement, there would be a limited amount available, followed by an opportunity to get your name on a waiting list to buy it on the day of release. Cue follow up emails to remind you to ‘set you alarm clock’ for 9am the next morning. You can go home now Glossybox Marketing, job done, I was sold and I had to have it! Continue reading


Chic Treat Club Box, September 2014

Sorry I’m a bit behind with this post, it’s been a busy couple of weeks.
I was so impressed with my Chic Treat Club subscription, that I renewed it for another three months! It’s such a novelty to get a box of surprises delivered every month. Let’s have a look at the September box shall we?




This is a brand of lip balms that I’ve seen available in nearly every pharmacy! Balmi claims to moisturise lips while providing you with SPF15 and UV protection. ingredients include jojoba oil, vitamin e and shea butter, leaving you with super smooth and soft lips, ready for some autumn kissing! 🙂
It’s an interesting product in that the balm is conical in shape, which gives ease of application, so you can moisturise lips on the go! It is available in four flavours; coconut, raspberry, strawberry and mint. I got the strawberry Balmi in my Chic Treat Club box this month and it’s yummy! It glides on like a dream and feels very moisturising. Lip balm isn’t usually something I purchase regularly, mainly because it takes me ages to work through one little pot. However, I have noticed my lips becoming a bit dry over the past few weeks, as a result of the change in the weather. So this will certainly get some use, for sure!

Balmi retails for €5.95 and is available from McCabe’s, Sam McCauley and pharmacies nationwide.


Those of you familiar with Shellac polish, will have heard of the brand CND.  This months Chic Treat box included a small little bottle of their famous Solaroil. Solaroil is a conditioner designed to soften cuticles and strengthen nails. It includes, vitamin E, rice bran, jojoba oil and sweet almond oil (smells like christmas cake in a bottle!), leaving you with hydrated and moisturised nails and cuticles. THIS IS WHAT I NEED! My hands are so dry and as a result, I have really ragged cuticles. I am really bad at looking after my cuticles, I regularly get told off by nail technicians! This Solaroil is the business! Really good for cuticles and very moisturising without being overly oily. I just wish there had been a bigger bottle included in this months Chic Treat box.

Solaroil retails at €3,15 for 3.7ml, €8.45 for 7.3ml and €15.45 for 15ml. Available from leading nail salons.


Some Chic Treaters will have received the hand serum, and some will have received the hand gel. I received the Antibacterial Hand Gel. It’s a quick drying formula that claims to kill 99.9% of bacteria, with the clean  and fresh scent of cucumber and garden mint. I don’t have too much to say on this product, it didn’t particularly excite me, it was a bit of a dud product for me! I would nearly have preferred the hand serum, but it’s the luck of the draw. I’m sure it will come in handy to pop in my handbag or on my desk at work.

Cuticura antibacterial hand gel retails at €1.49 from pharmacies nationwide.


I recently discovered the brand Sleek and I was very excited to see not one, but TWO sleek products in this months Chic Treat box. The first is the Sleek Kajal Eyeliner in the shade ‘Odyssey’, a purple colour. I’m a big fan of black eyeliner, so was a little disappointed to see it was a purple shade. This kajal liner is BEAUTIFULLY packaged, it’s so cute and dinky. A real change from traditional liner tubes and pencils. The formula itself glides on so softly, in a beautiful deep purple colour, with a slight shimmer. I don’t think I will use this as an eyeliner, but I will use it as a creamy eye pencil to create a smokey eye look.Very pretty!

Sleek Kajal Eyeliner retails for €5.99 from selected Boots and McCabe’s pharmacies.


The second Sleek product in this month’s box was a Pout Paint lip stain. OOOOOH this is pret-ty!This cute little tube, provides an intense pop of colour that is suitable to wear on its own or to mix with another shade. As the packaging suggests, a little goes a LONG way with this product. I nearly fell off my seat when I tested it on the back of my hand, the shade (Milkshake), was a super bright Barbie-esque  shade of pink. It’s QUITE vibrant, it kind of knocked me for six! I don’t think I’d be going hell for leather with this, a tiny little drop patted on the lips gives a pretty pink pout. So this is going to last ages. A handy little one for your handbag or make up bag.Again, this applies beautifully and dries to a smooth, satin, stain finish, without stickiness. Really like this!

This Sleek Pout Paint costs €6.99 and was an exclusive product to Chic Treat clubbers. I feel special 🙂

Overall, the total cost of the contents in this month’s box tally’s at €23.57. Perhaps not as costly as previous boxes, but still more than your monthly subscription fee! Upon opening this months Chic Treat box, I’ll admit I was initially disappointed. I think it was more so the physical look of the treats, the packaging of many of the products were quite small, I had to dig beneath the crinkly packaging to retrieve all my treats. I think the antibacterial gel was the biggest disappointment for me, I didn’t feel it was very ‘chic’ nor much of a ‘treat’, yet as I said – it will get used at my office desk or somewhere. I hope next month’s box doesn’t include another nail/foot product. Two months in a row the box has included cuticle products, and before that –  two foot creams. I’m still working through them!

Chic Treat have announced that their October box will be their ‘charity box’. They will be going PINK for October and donating €2 from the sale of every Chic Treat box to The National Breast Cancer Research Institute. So if you were thinking of signing up, make sure to order in time for October’s box and you can help raise money for this wonderful cause!

For more information on Chic Treat Club and how to subscribe, visit their website here!





EVENT: Benefit and Beauty Boudoir

What do you get when you cross the super successful beauty website with the fabulous beauty brand Benefit?

The ultimate BEAUTY BOUDOIR!

Last Thursday evening, I channeled my inner ‘benebabe’ and headed along to the and Benefit Beauty Boudoir at Residence in Dublin, along with my pal Ceri. Oh what an evening we had! From the moment we arrived at the boudoir, we were greeted with a choice of pink prosecco or a boudoir cocktail, my fizz of choice for the evening was pink prosecco, DELICIOUS! The event room was laid out with make up stations, where we were kindly invited to take a seat, while the MUA’s worked their magic enhancing our best features.

Next up, we had a presentation from the fabulous Mark, The voice of Benefit Ireland, who demonstrated Benefit’s latest eyeliner offering, They’re Real! Push Up Liner. I posted it about this liner before, it is am-az-ing! Well worth a purchase!

BenefitBeaut event sept2014

We took a break from all the beauty action to enjoy some very tasty cheese, meats and bread. Went down a treat with the pink bubbles!Then we were introduced to a Benefit VIP, Jared Bailey. Jared is Benefit’s International Brow Guru (how envious am I of his job?!) and was the guest of honor, educating us Irish ladies on brow mapping (a service provided by Benefit) and how to shape and arch brows, making them one of the most (if not the most) important feature on your face. Personally I love a strong brow and I am a huge fan of Benefit’s brow products (Gimme Brow and Brow Zings).Jared himself had fabulous eyebrows, so the proof was in the pudding with this happy chappy! We took a short interval to enjoy some yummy pink Benefit cupcakes and then it was on to a make up Q & A with Mark.

BenefitBeaut event sept20141

We rounded off the evening with a trip to the Benefit ‘pop up shop’! One ‘benefit’ of the evening was that we were offered 10% off Benefit products, along with the price of the tickets (€15) which was redeemable off products, it would have been rude not to buy anything! And of course, I NEEDED THEM…like a hole in the head! My purchases included Oxygen Wow foundation and The POREprofessional Agent Zero Shine powder. Our goody bags were SO cute! A pink satin drawstring bag, inside a sample of The POREprofessional and the cutest handheld mirror that made me feel like I was part of a fairytale story. I left the evening feeling fabulous….and a little light-headed after all the pink bubbles!

Thanks to Benefit, and Residence Dublin for a fantastic evening of girlie fun. Great tips, advice and fantastic staff representation. It was super!

REVIEW: Benefit Haul

Hand’s up who loves Benefit cosmetics?! Recently I blogged about my birthday party hair and make up look from the Benefit Boutique in Dublin. As part of the make over package, I could pick two products. I was feeling fabulous ahead of my big night, so I bought three! Gimme Brow, Fake Up and Big Easy. I got the Benefit Push Up Liner as a birthday gift from a friend, she obviously knows me well.


BENEFIT HAUL (L-R) They’re Real! Push Up Liner, Big Easy, Fake Up, Gimme Brow


There was a lot of hype about the release of this eyeliner and after a bit of a love/hate affair with the They’re Real! mascara (I’ve decided I HATE it), I wasn’t really sure about how this would fare.

I will say, this liner takes a bit of practice! I love eyeliner, I always use it! Although I’m ashamed to admit, at thirty years of age, I still haven’t mastered the skill of a decent winged liner flick! It just looks weird when I try to do it. And I can never get them even on both sides!  The Push Up liner aims to give the flickity-challenged of us a bit of a hand in getting a clean and tidy line. It only comes in one shade (black) and the colour payoff is excellent. Really intense black and does not budge, I hate liquid or gel liners fading throughout the day! The packaging is a twisty pen, with a small flexible nib at the top. Twist the pen to release the gel through the nib, wiping off any excess with a tissue. This mechanism gives you excellent control, even with the shakiest of hands! The one thing that’s taken me some time to get to grips with is, as it’s not my usual brush and gel liner combo, it’s harder to gradually build it up. I have ended up with quite thick lines so far. But as I said, it just takes a bit of getting use to and practice.  Thankfully it’s not as hard to remove as it’s sister mascara (nightmare!).  And for anyone who’s a fan of the mascara, Benefit have brought out a double duty remover to make things a bit easier when it comes to the end of the day. A very good product and  the lasting power makes it perfect for a big night out!

THE BIG EASY (Shade: Medium)

It’s not a foundation, it’s not a BB cream, it’s not really a CC cream, it’s some where in between all three! This lightweight cream to powder complexion corrector is BEAUTIFUL! It set’s like a cushiony soft dream.

Balance moisture and control oil.
Self adjust to your exact skin shade.
Perfect’s and even’s out skin tone.
It also has fantastic SPF protection of SPF35.

I got the shade medium and it’s a pretty good match for me. The coverage is light to medium, but is buildable. I felt I got a nicer finish when applied with my foundation brush, rather than with my fingers as the product suggests. It’s probably a little late in the summer for me to have purchased this! I would have gotten great use out of this during the hot and humid weather we had, and now that’s kind of died down. I’ve been giving myself a break from heavier foundations and using this for a lightweight day look.

FAKE UP (Shade: light)

Look at this cute little fellow! This concealer is so easy to use. The product packaging looks like a lipstick, and kind of works like one too. What’s really interesting about this concealer is that it has a number of benefits in one. It includes an outer coating of vitamin e and apple seed extract to give hydration, help conceal dark circles and reduce the appearance of fine lines. So while trying to hide your dark circle shopping bags, you are actually treating your under eye. What I really like about this is that it goes on like a dream, blends easily, doesn’t crease and doesn’t cake and settle around the eye area. Really nice ‘does what it says on the tin’ product!

GIMME BROW (Shade: Medium/Deep)

I’ve been a loyal fan of Benefit’s Brow Zings for over a year – and my brow pallet still has tonnes left in it (seriously good make up investment).  I thought I’d give this handy little product a try. The packaging looks like a mini mascara, with a small mascara brush wand to distribute the brow product. You simply brush over brows to tame and fill in colour. The result, a lovely strong brow – which is a look that I love! Thin eyebrows, no thank you! I am forever indebted to my mother for plucking my eyebrows for me the first time when I was a teenager. I could have gone to town on them myself and ended up with skinny maggoty eyebrows. She saved me from an expressionless life of eyebrow torture!

Are you a fan of Benefit products? I’d love to hear what your favorites are!


I’ve had such a busy month!  And this post could easily have been crammed with tonnes of stuff. Alas, I have reluctantly whittled it down to five!

Love Lettuce Fresh Face Mask (€8.95 from Lush)

Fab fab fab! This fresh face mask is a fantastic treat for your pretty little face. It is packed with seaweed gel, honey, almond oil and lavender. It also contains crushed almond shell, which exfoliates the skin, lovely when rinsing off. Beautifully refreshing when used straight from the fridge too. I had been cleansing my face with Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish, then applying this Lettuce face mask and rinsing. And my skin has been looking fantastic! It is a fresh face mask, meaning it’s all fresh ingredients that will go off, for this reason it is important to store the mask in the fridge. Each pot of this comes with a best before date, so make sure you pick one up that has a good three weeks in it at least. Unfortunately I didn’t to the end of the pot before mine grew a fur, but got a good few uses out of it nonetheless. A great buy, love this!

lush lettuce

Hugo ‘Milano’ (available from the summer menu @ Milano restaurants)

So this isn’t a beauty product! It is the latest summer menu offering from Milano restaurant. A mixture of  prosecco, elderflower, fresh mint and lemon served over ice. DELICIOUS! I could drink these all day……but would probably be a bit bleary eyed as a result. A delicious and refreshing summer time cocktail. I’ll be making my own version of these for sure!

Hugo Milano

Mac Fluidline (€18.50 from Mac)

I got this as a present AAAAAGES ago. I have no idea why I hadn’t been using it up until now. It’s excellent! It comes with a small brush, which give you great control when painting on eyeliner. It is true black colour and it has fantastic staying power. Not the most practical packaging, the brush can be a bit messy floating around in your make up bag. My eyeliner of choice at the moment, love it!

mac fluid line

Charles Worthington Colour Enhancer Heat & UV Protecting Cream (€7.99 from Boots)

I picked this up from the ‘bargain bin stand’ at Boots for €2.00! A steal! I’ve no idea why it was reduced, but it usually retails for €7.99. I thought this might be a dud, but it’s actually really really good! I have a few highlights throughout my brunette hair and since I’ve started using this, it has really brightened them up. I’ve had lots of people telling me that my hair is looking really light! It definitely brings out the golden tones in my hair. A very good bargain!

charles worthington

My 30th Birthday (you cannot put a price on that!!!)

July was the month I had my 30th Birthday and boy did I celebrate! From a family barbecue to a party with friends, it was a drawn out affair over a whole week, but I loved every minute of it. I got the most beautiful and thoughtful gifts too. Look out for an upcoming post about my celebrations!


Just some of my favorite things about July! How will August ever top this?!