A couple of months ago, I got caught up in the hype on Twitter over a beauty box collaboration between UK-based subscription box company Glossybox and the massive make up empire that is NARS.

It was all down to the marketing. There was a big announcement, there would be a limited amount available, followed by an opportunity to get your name on a waiting list to buy it on the day of release. Cue follow up emails to remind you to ‘set you alarm clock’ for 9am the next morning. You can go home now Glossybox Marketing, job done, I was sold and I had to have it! Continue reading



While the thought of walking into TKMaxx can break some people out in hives, I don’t mind it so much. I noticed over the past year or so it has become a treasure trove for a beauty junkie like myself, with some amazing hair, make up and skin care products on offer and at excellent prices!

Last week was particularly special in terms of beauty bargains, when I picked up four little gems that any beauty lover would appreciate! Continue reading

Oh my my, JULY!

I’ve had a really busy month between festivals and gigs,  weddings, birthdays, weight loss milestones, hangovers! It warranted it’s own blog post and this one is quite jam packed.

The Longitude festival took place over three days, in Marley Park, Dublin. Nothing says summer time like festivals (and flower crowns). I seen some great musical acts such as Bastille, Haim, Hozier and Chvurches to name but a few. The whole festival experience is just fantastic. Eating ‘festival food’, beer from a plastic cup and dancing like a fool! What’s not to love?! I was lucky to spend it with wonderful friends, including my long time friend Karen from The Mix and Match Blog (new blogger and seriously talented, make sure to check out her page!).  A really fun couple of days with pals!

If I’m honest, the prospect of turning THIRTY, threw me into emotional turmoil! I cried a lot of tears on the run up to the big day, with ridiculous panic and asking the question ‘Where is my life going!?’. I expected to wake up on my thirtieth birthday feeling miraculously different. I expected to look different, feel different and have a different outlook on life. Some people say that ‘your thirties are the best years’…..of course those people are usually in their thirties! When I woke up on my birthday, I felt like myself. There were no drastic changes, no huge influx of wrinkles or greying hair. I felt like me!

Birthday flowers

I celebrated my birthday twice, it was a week-long event – you simply must up the ante with a milestone birthday! Between my amazing family, my incredible boyfriend and my wonderful friends, I never felt so special and so loved. Day in, day out, week after week, we sometimes forget the important things. And the length’s our nearest and dearest go to, to show they love us. My actual birthday day was very special and emotional.  I celebrated with a family BBQ. Fantastic day and I got amazing gifts! After being at Longitude for the previous two days, I was exhausted by the end of it. I went to bed on my birthday feeling like a very happy lady!

After a week of leftover birthday cupcakes, I was looking forward to my birthday drinks with friends at 37 Dawson Street in Dublin. What a night it turned out to be! I had the time of my life! We danced up a storm and partied like it was 1984 😉 . I visited the Benefit Boutique on South William Street to have my hair and make up done for my big night. Emma was my hair stylist and MUA at Benefit and she was fantastic. She spent plenty of time and detail on my hair and make up and she really listened to what I wanted. I was going for a very classic old Hollywood glamour make up look, with big eyes, strong brows and a strong red lip. I wanted my hair to reflect the era with soft vintage waves gathered to one side, so I could show off the low back of my dress. I was delighted with the outcome!


Is it possible to marry a dress!? I spotted this dress on Siopaella’s Facebook page and it was exactly what I was looking for. I had to have it! Siopaella is a pre loved consignment store based in Temple Bar in Dublin. They have some amazing designed stock and at knock down prices. This dress is by Diamond for Eden, when I tried it on I completely fell in love with it. It had a few minor marks on the lining and a couple of beads and sequins loose, but apart from that, it was an absolute steal! I went for a simple grey suede point toe court shoe from Zara. The dress speaks for itself, it’s a gigantic statement piece,so there was no need for diamond encrusted shoes! My bag is from French Connection, which I borrowed from a friend. I wanted something with a pop of colour and the blue and aqua beaded pattern was perfect. My earrings were blue and silver stud’s from Marks and Spencer, I finished off my accessories with a very special ring that belonged to my mother and another antique ring from Rhinestones in Dublin.

And finally, July also brought a very special achievement. I reached my third stone of weight loss, after just under two years. I have been following the Weight Watchers programme since October 2012 and have found a new love for exercise and keeping fit. That third stone was a VERY long time coming and I’ve worked really hard to get to where I am now. I am really proud of myself, but more proud at how losing weight has completely changed my health, my body and my life. I still have a few pounds to go to get to my recommended goal weight and to be within the healthy BMI bracket, but I’ve gotten this far and I will get there too.

So that was a (long) summarized version of my July! Hope you enjoyed reading about my celebrations!

Thirty is amazing! 🙂

Make Up Spring Clean!

Spring has sprung! The sun is out, the birds are singing……the windows are filthy and you can see the dust everywhere. TIME FOR A SPRING CLEAN!

I’ve had quite a productive day doing laundry, cleaning the apartment and attempting round one of my wardrobe clear out. And while I was on a roll, I felt it would be a good time to do a spring clean on my make up drawers (yes, DRAWERS….don’t judge me!), something I’d meant to do for a while. It’s one of those things kind of like cleaning your make up brushes, you keep meaning to do it and somehow you never really get around to it. Note to self: CLEAN MAKE UP BRUSHES!

In the abyss of my make up stash, I am ashamed to say there are things in there I have had YEARS.Which in terms of bacteria and germs, is frankly disgusting. And the weird thing is, there’s nothing that’s been discontinued that I just can’t live without or anything, I have no idea why I’ve kept half the stuff! Time to cut ties with the gloopy lip gloss, the dried up mascara and the practically empty blusher.

Every product should come with a shelf life recommendation symbol on it. The symbol is usually on the back of the packaging, it’s a little pot symbol and usually has a number on it (6m, 12m, 18m etc). This is to indicate how long you should use it for after you’ve opened it.

So how often should we be hanging on to our beloved make up?

Foundation: 6-8 months

Eyeliner: 1 year

Mascara: 4 months

Eyeshadow: 1 year

Blush, Bronzer & Face Powder: 2 years

Lipstick & Lipgloss: 1 – 2 years

Concealer: 8 months

So I embarked on a ruthless clear out on my stash. Much like my wardrobe, I think there is room for round two, but for the first round of my make up spring clean here’s what I threw out; 13 lip glosses, 5 mascara’s, 2 primer’s, 2 foundation’s, 3 pressed powder’s, 5 eyeshadow’s, 3 eyeliner’s, 1 concealer, 2 bronzer’s, 2 blusher’s.

Displaying image.jpeg


The rats in the dump will be the prettiest rodents in all of Dublin. Either that or they’ll have coldsores and eye infections from using bacteria ridden make up!