A couple of months ago, I got caught up in the hype on Twitter over a beauty box collaboration between UK-based subscription box company Glossybox and the massive make up empire that is NARS.

It was all down to the marketing. There was a big announcement, there would be a limited amount available, followed by an opportunity to get your name on a waiting list to buy it on the day of release. Cue follow up emails to remind you to ‘set you alarm clock’ for 9am the next morning. You can go home now Glossybox Marketing, job done, I was sold and I had to have it! Continue reading



I’m always on the hunt for my holy grail mascara. NYX Doll Eye Mascara was really holding up the trophy for a while there, but ever the indecisive gal that I am, I like to keep trying new things.

You only need to skim through my blog to recognise my undying love for Benefit, I’m a big fan of this brand.  My make up bag contains a good few of their products. With regard mascara, I have tried their Bad Gal mascara in the past, which I liked. The wand is very big, but it’s a good mascara. I have also tried the They’re Real mascara, which I will admittedly say was NOT my cup of tea, not a fan.

Recently I purchased Benefit’s new mascara; Roller Lash. It was love at first sight with this mascara, with its cute pink and black packaging and textured rubber handle that looks like a hair roller. Dotey, Benefit packaging at it’s best! The wand is an interesting shape and on first inspection the product didn’t cling in lumps to the wand bristles. I knew from then that we would get along famously!


Roller Lash Mascara is simply a roller for your lashes! There is no need to use traditional eye lash curlers, this product does all the lifting and curling for you. That’s one less make up tool to carry around in your make up bag! Benefit has created their unique Hook ‘n’ Roll™ brush, that grabs and separates lashes, giving them instant lift and curl. The formula holds for 12 hours, meaning you can bat those Bambi lashes at whomever you please, morning, noon and night!

The Roller Lash formula contains Pro-vitamin B5 and Serin, which offers super lash conditioning benefits. It comes in one shade, ink black and is water-resistant. It is also very easily removed with any traditional eye make up remover or cleanser. Thankfully unlike the They’re Real Mascara, which is a god forsaken curse to remove with a traditional eye make up remover! (P.S. Benefit sell a special They’re Real eye make up remover that does the trick, yay!).


My verdict…I LOVE ROLLER LASH! While upon purchase I told myself that I needed another mascara like ‘a hole in the head’, I’m really glad I parted with my cash for this. Roller Lash really delivers. I could easily bin my eyelash curler, in place of this. It does a fantastic job of separating, curling and lifting lashes. It doesn’t flake, it doesn’t leave lashes clumpy, crunchy or spidery and it last’s and last’s. I apply my make up around 8:30am, by the time I get home from work around 7pm my lashes are still ‘standing’, the curl has not dropped and the colour has not faded. The lasting power is wonderful! Benefit are on to a real winner here! If you are in the market for a new mascara and you like your lashes to look lifted and curled, then I would highly recommend Roller Lash!

Holy grail status? Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps….

Benefit’s Roller Lash Mascara is priced at €26 and is available from Benefit counter’s nationwide.



I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers. 

-Anne of Green Gables


Sorry I’m a few days late with my October favourites, I had a good excuse, I was enjoying myself in Nice!

Le Drunch @ The Marker Hotel

I won this as a prize via a Twitter competition! Le Drunch is the new brunch, those few hours between lunch and dinner! Myself and three others went along this month for our two course Le Drunch with a cocktail each. The food was absolutely delicious, beautifully presented and the staff at The Marker Hotel are excellent! I went for the  Huevos Rancheros with Chorizo, the Warm Chocolate Brownies for dessert, washed down with a Peach Bellini, of course! Set within the modern and funky Marker Hotel at Grand Canal in Dublin, the interior of The Marker is spacious and airy, you won’t be crammed in on top of one another here! The also have a live DJ set to accompany your Le Drunch experience, playing a mix of laid back tunes.Le Drunch is definitely an experience I’d recommend for something that little bit different on a Sunday. Le Drunch is served from 2pm-5pm every Sunday, make sure to check out their mouth-watering menu and book your Sunday treat! I can’t wait to go back!

Mean Girls Screening @ The Sugar Club

You may remember within my August favourites  I mentioned that I had attended a screening of Clueless at The Sugar Club. Well, I was back there this month with a gang of seven pals for a screening of Mean Girls! Again, a fantastic night! Cocktails, popcorn, pizza and pick n’ mix, I had a headache from all the sugar! It was a fantastic girlie night out and something different to liven up a usually boring Tuesday evening. Keep an eye on their website for upcoming screenings and events at The Sugar Club.

Sweater from H&M €19.99

Oh I love this little top! After seeing it on the H&M website, and searching every store high and low, I finally found it! It’s so cute! This black polyester and cotton mix sweatshirt, is emblazoned with the french words Mon Petit Chérie, and if my schooling level french is correct, translates to My Little Darling! CUTENESS! Underneath the text is an image of a pretty perfume bottle decorated in gold and silver sequins ,which always reminds me of a very iconic luxury brand bottle! This sweater is so cute and comfortable and perfect for chilly days, it can be dressed up with a skirt, tights and cute ankle boots or dressed down with skinny jeans and trainers. At €19.99, this is a steal! I even wore it to Le Drunch (see above). LOVE IT!

 Rimmel Wonder’full Mascara €9.99

At this stage we have all heard of argan oil as a moisturising ingredient for our hair, haven’t we? Well, Rimmel have taken a leaf out of the argan oil book and released Wonder’full Mascara! This mascara is enriched with argan oil, giving you smooth application and a clump free result. I’ve been really liking this mascara this month, it applies so easily, doesn’t clump or flake and leaves you with smooth, lightweight lashes. No crunchy spider lashes in sight, which makes this the perfect day time mascara for me!

Let me know your thoughts on my October favourites!

Thanks for reading 🙂

Mascara MEH’S!

I’m a great gal for trying out new mascara’s and when I do buy them I usually prefer spending money on budget brand mascara’s. I’m easily lead by the packaging and how they promise you the world! I want so much from a mascara. I want volume, I want length, I want separation, I want curl, I want to look like BAMBI! Alright, I may sound a bit like Veruca Salt, but I am yet to find my holy grail mascara.

I have trialed several mascara’s over the past few weeks and I have three here that just did not float my fluttery-lash boat!

Mascara by Collection, Lancome and NYC

Mascara by Collection, Lancome and NYC






Claims: Create and define mega curves with a long-lasting, false lash effect.

This is a new release this month from Collection (formally Collection 2000). I was instantly drawn to the pretty pink and black packaging and the curvaceous hourglass shaped wand and it was on an introductory offer at Boots. I couldn’t wait to try it.

This was confusing, it just did nothing to my lashes! I was baffled! The wand is so exciting and curvy, surely I should get something from it? Nope. A big fake curved dud. While the hourglass shaped wand is a great idea in theory, it nearly felt like it was positioned the wrong way around. I think the smaller curved part of the wand should have been on the outside, meaning it would catch the lashes along the inner area of the eye. Instead the big fat curve was the part catching the inner lashes. It just didn’t make sense. It didn’t give me that false lash effect, no curl and no lift. Sorry Collection, this was a disappointing product for me!





Claims: Control the volume of your lashes for a truly hypnotic effect! With each stroke, the PowerFULL™ brush intensifies your look for lashes that are up to six times thicker and perfectly separated.

After spending the money on this mascara, I had high hopes! Meh, I wasn’t that impressed. The wand is straight, bristles easily distributed and a smooth formula. Unfortunately I didn’t like the result this mascara gave. I found it clumpy, made my lashes look very spidery and crispy and it flaked throughout the day. This is a very popular mascara, a best seller and I know it’s named as many a person’s holy grail mascara, but  I just didn’t see the allure! This just didn’t do it for me, sorry Lancome!





Claims: gives your lashes up to 12 times more volume and up to 99% more lift. One stroke multiplies your lashes by up to 147%. There are no clumps , just full-on drama and turned-right-up impact. Lashes get curled from corner to corner!

Attack of the gigantic mascara wand!Run for your life! The formula of this mascara is quite wet, and it’s great if you are looking for intense jet black lashes.  It’s cheap as chips too.But the wand… it’s just too big for my precious peepers! It’s impossible to get an even coating all over lashes, especially the fiddley inner lashes. I ended up with this under my eyes, on my brow bone, on my lid…. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

So there you have it, it certainly hasn’t been a great mascara month for me! I’d love to know if you have tried any of the products above! What’s your holy grail mascara?