Recently I cackled my cockles off watching the gals over at Lovely Girlie Bits vlogging about what they recommend purchasing with those No7 vouchers you get in Boots every other week. Fair play to Boots and No7, those vouchers come up so regularly, if you were an avid No7 user you would be set for a lifetime of affordable beauty treats. I am one of the million people who are guilty of throwing the vouchers into my bag and forgetting about them, or sometimes just not knowing why to redeem them against! For anyone not familiar, the infamous N07 vouchers come in two parts, €6.50 off No7 skin care and €4 off No7 make-up.

After watching Joanne and Karen over at Lovely Girlie Bits and a bit of product research, I went on the hunt for the No7 Beautiful Skin Overnight Radiance Boost. Suitable for all skin types (even sensitive skin, due to the hypoallergenic formula), this product claims to have you waking up to brighter and more radiant skin. It’s designed to boost the power of your usual beauty sleep and acts as a powerful pick-me-up for your skin. I’ve had a busy and tiresome few weeks and I felt my skin bearing the brunt of it. I was getting breakouts that I wouldn’t usually experience and my skin was looking dull and lacklustre. Time for reinforcements! It contains a blend of multivitamins, minerals,natural vitamin C and caffeine that promise to hydrate, energize, mildly exfoliate and renew the skin surface, hence boosting the natural radiance of your beautiful face! 🙂


It comes in a 30ml plastic bottle with a pump, that boasts the simple and classic No7 packaging that the brand is known for. The product itself once dispensed is a thin, white liquid that turns clear once massaged into skin. It is silky and has that lovely clean cosmetic smell that you would associate with other No7 products. A non greasy formula that is absorbed beautifully and super quickly into skin, this is a dream to use on freshly cleansed skin at the end of a long day!

So the big question is, did it deliver? I can’t say I woke up with overwhelmingly radiant skin. Between panda eyes, pillow marks on my face and hair that resembles a nest, it’s a regular occurence that I look like ‘the wild woman from Borneo’ first thing in the morning and this product ain’t promising to work miracles! That said, I do find my skin looks more even and plump upon waking after using this product. Where I do see the radiance is during the day. After washing my face and applying make-up, I’m pretty happy with how my skin is looking after using this product recently. I would certainly recommend it as a lovely skin boost and would be happy to re-purchase.

The No7 Beautiful Skin Overnight Radiance Boost will set you back €19.50 usually, with my €6.50 voucher I only forked out €13.00 for this lovely skin treat. Not sure I’d pay the regular price for it, but the vouchers come up so regularly, I would expect that I would rarely have to! It’s available from Boots online and in store. So next time you find yourself with a No7 voucher or just fancy a little skin treat, this is definitely one to try!



If a June night could talk, it would probably boast it invented romance.

– Bernard Williams

SUMMER TIME AND THE LIVIN’ IS EASY! We have been blessed over recent weeks with some really nice weather in Dublin. It’s warm, humid and the sun is finally making an appearance. It’s amazing the difference sunshine makes to our lives. It certainly put’s me in a better mood, more motivation, more reason to indulge in healthy foods. Long may it continue!

June was a busy month for me, lots of bits and bobs. Here’s a rundown of my favourite things this month.

VOYA Invigorating Seaweed Soap

image_picmonkeyed (1)

Now when I say I haven’t used a bar of soap in the shower for yonks, I mean it. With all the luxurious shower gels, creams and oils on the market now, the day of a slippery awkward bar of soap is long gone! I received this product in my goodie bag from the Irish Beauty Blog Awards last month. The first thing that blew me away was the scent; spearmint and rosemary, I’m instantly sold! This soap is beautifully refreshing and contains little bits of seaweed, leaving skin feeling clean and fresh. What I love also about this is how it doesn’t dry skin out. Many soaps are notorious for stripping the skin of moisture, leaving skin feeling tight and dry and this ain’t one of them! VOYA is an Irish brand of luxury spa and skin care products. They use certified organic hand-harvested seaweed from the West of Ireland. I’m always happy to support an Irish brand, particularly when the quality of the products is so good. LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!

VOYA Invigorating Seaweed Soap is priced at €13.00 and is available on the VOYA website and selected stockists nationwide.

Bank Of Ireland Runway Run

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I recently discussed my journey of running and my favourite songs to run to on a previous post . I mentioned that I was training for a 5k run and this month, I completed the Bank Of Ireland 5K Runway Run at Shannon Airport.  The race started at midnight and the atmosphere was electric. My boyfriend Steve and his family also did the run, it was great to have a group, we could all encourage each other! I took the whole thing in my stride and concentrated on my pace from the very beginning. I kept saying over and over in my head “start off slow, start off slow”. It’s very easy to get swept along in the mad dash at the start line, but all too quickly you can easily burn yourself out! I stuck to my guns and started off slowly, as everyone else darted past me. I kept a steady pace the whole way through. Around the 3k mark I started to feel the struggle, but just kept my feet moving. Once I saw the finish line ahead I fell into sprint mode and I’m glad I did, as I made a time of 30:58! Every second counts! I’m not one to be obsessed with timings, I’m generally just happy to finish, but I was very happy with my time nonetheless. It is really worthwhile signing up for races, as it gives you something to work toward. The feeling of achievement afterwards is something you cannot put a price on. A definite highlight in June!

Marc by Marc Jacobs Bag


The Brown Thomas sale landed during June and I certainly went to hell and high water to make sure I got my hands on this beautiful Marc by Marc Jacobs ‘Jerrie Dessert Rose Sally’ bag. LOOK HOW PRETTY! I couldn’t believe what an amazing sale find this was at an amazing price of €95.00 (was €195.00). I feel this is a real investment piece and something that could be worn with all sorts of outfits for all sorts of occasions. I don’t think I need to justify my spending anymore on this! I needed it! 🙂 Masterclass Reader Event with Physicians Formula

image_picmonkeyed (2)image_picmonkeyed (4)

I have a huge soft spot for the website as it was the first beauty blog that I read many years ago. Pair this fab website with the expertise of the gals at Publicity Loft and the result is a fab evening full of loveliness! My blogger pal Nickki from Limes and Stars very kindly invited me to this event as her +1. It took place at EF Creative Studio in Dublin 4, the creative space of award-winning make up artist Emma Farrell. Emma and her team were on hand to demonstrate some tips and tricks on make up looks using Physicians Formula products. I have mentioned the Physicians Formula brand on several occasions. It’s still relatively new to the Irish market and hard enough to get your hands on, but now this fantastic brand has arrived at Lloyds Pharmacies nationwide, making it easier than ever to track down! This gorgeous evening included summery lemonade to cool us down and some delicious Propercorn to keep our tummies full (love that popcorn, so tasty!). And of course, what would any event be without cupcakes! I was delighted with my AMAZING goodie bag  stuffed full of Physicians Formula products. Thanks so much Nickki,, Physicians Formula and EF Creative Studios for a fabulous evening.

No7 Early Defence Day Cream


I was gifted this No7 Early Defence Day Cream in my goodie bag from the ITWBN Blogger Event back in May and have been making my way through the pot ever since. I have only tried one No7 moisturiser in the past and to be honest, I wasn’t that impressed with it, but I have to say I am loving this cream from the new No7 Early Defence range. This Early Defence range is ideally suited to young skin (late twenties to early thirties) the in-between youthfulness and anti-aging stage! So it’s perfect for my 30 (almost 31) year old skin. What I love about this day cream is that it absorbs really quickly into skin, it’s not greasy and boasts SPF15 UV protection. A great all-rounder and it’s really agreeing with my skin right now. A cream I would be happy to repurchase!

N07 Early Defence Day Cream is priced at €24.95 and is available from Boots stores and Boots online.

Lots to look forward to during July! Holidays, festivals and it’s my birthday too 🙂

Thanks for catching up with my monthly favourites!