Anyone else have a girl crush on Blake Lively? I just love everything about that gal’s look. The glamorous gowns, the beachy waves, the pared back make up looks; her look is always on point! She’s most certainly my girl crush! Ashamed to say I’ve only ever seen one episode of Gossip Girl, I might make it my ‘thing’ to watch this autumn/winter.

Blake's Red2

I recently purchased one of the L’oreal Colour Riche lipsticks from their Exclusive Reds range. L’oreal have teamed up with a bevvy of high-flying female beauties such as Blake Lively, Julianne Moore and Eva Longoria, to come up with a range of red toned lip shades to suit all complexions. Me being obsessed with Blake Lively didn’t even bother investigating which was suited to my colouring, I just knew I wanted the shade Blake’s Pure Red. In hopes it magically transformed me into the Hollywood starlet (it didn’t by the way). It is however, very nearly THE perfect shade of red in my opinion!

Blake's Red

These lipsticks are “Enriched with velvet spheres, pure pigments and jojoba oils, lips feel more hydrated after applying”. I can’t say I found this lipstick particularly hydrating, but I did find the formula a little drying after about five hours of wear. I absolutely HATE lip products that go flakey and crumbly, there is just no point in them at all! To minimize any of that, it’s vital that lips are in tip-top condition prior to applying a bold colour lipstick. A lip exfoliator and good lip balm are your friends, particularly now that Autumn is in full swing and Winter is on the horizon.

To apply this lipstick, I first added a light layer of lip balm. I then lined my lips, applied and blotted. Applied another coat of lippy and blotted once more. One great thing about this L’oreal lipstick is that it has really excellent lasting power in that it almost leaves a stain. The BEST thing about this though, is simply the colour; the beautiful, classic rouge shade that screams ‘HOLLYWOOD GLAMOUR’.

Blake's Red1

These are priced at around €10.49 from Boots and all L’oreal stockists, with a shade to suit every skin tone. Well worth the price for the perfect shade of red for your make-up kit!

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REVIEW: Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet

These have been reviewed and blogged about a lot recently, so I’m jumping on the bandwagon because they are just SO GOOD! After saying in a previous post that I hadn’t bought anything by Bourjois in years….it appears that I can’t stop now!

Bourjois have come out with their new range of lipstick’s, Rouge Edition Velvet. They come in eight different shades (although I’ve only seen six shades available in any of the Boots stores I checked). From peachy corals, to hot pinks and luscious reds, these colours aren’t for the faint hearted! If you prefer a subtle gloss, nude lip, or the dreaded ‘concealer lip’ (FYI this is not a good look!)…..then jog on. However, if you are looking for a full pop of vivid colour with a matte finish and unbelievable staying power, then I would highly recommend these.

Displaying image.jpeg

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet

They look like a lip gloss, and kind of go on like one initially, but they set to a soft matte finish, that is non drying on the lips. A huge plus! I hate lipsticks that dry out my lips and they just end up looking rubbish after a few hours, with a horrible ring of colour around the outline of your lips. Bourjois boast ’24 hour hold’ on these lippies, a bold statement and a fairly ambitious claim. You know what though? I BELIEVE THEM! I tested this out recently, and after a glass of wine, dinner, a Bellini (but of course) and a few gin and tonic’s later, the lipstick was still on my lips. AMAZING staying power!

I bought two shades; Pink Pong (06) and Personne de Rouge! (01). Pink Pong is an incredible shade of Fuchsia. It’s a stunning colour and not something I would have worn previous to this. However, I was feeling brave on my night out and went for it. Personne de Rouge! is a classic rich red, elegant and classic. I feel like a 1940’s movie star when I wear this shade!


Displaying image.jpeg

Top: Pink Pong    Bottom: Personne de Rouge!

For all my fellow ‘show ponies’ out there, I would highly recommend these for the purpose of the stage. As you know, you won’t ever be allowed on stage without a red lip!! They would most certainly last for a whole performance and probably the after show party too! 🙂

The Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet lipsticks are currently on offer at Boots stores for €10.99. So put down the boring clear lip gloss, live a little and be brave. Try a bold colour, wear it with confidence and see how it makes you feel. Powerful, feminine and ready to take on the world!

‘Heels and red lipstick will put the fear of god into people’ – Dita Von Teese