This product launched last year and I recall being really intrigued by it, but alas I never got around to trying it. Until Summer suddenly arrived in Dublin and I realised pale, corned beef skin was not a good look for me. This product gets mixed reviews online, but I saw some really impressive before and after photos that convinced me I needed to try this. So I forked out €19.99 for the St Tropez In-Shower Gradual Tan and hoped for an overnight miracle. In theory, it sounds like a bizarre idea, an in-shower tan? Baffling!

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For a lady that is so dedicated to skin care, I tend to concentrate mostly on my face and neglect the rest of my body. I have a friend who applies body moisturiser every day after her shower. And all power to her, she will have skin like a goddess when she is 80, while the rest of us look like 100 year old leather handbags. The odd time, I’ll lash on the body butter or body oil after an evening shower or bath, but if I’m quite honest, it’s just something I do on occassion. I’m admittedly, just too lazy!

Now that winter has well and truly passed, spring has sprung and summer is on the horizon, now’s the time to prepare our skin for summer tops, shorts, skirts and dresses. The new In-Shower Q10 Firming Body Moisturiser  from Nivea is the ultimate ‘lazy girls’ product for keeping dry and flaky scales at bay!



Coenzyme Q10 is one of skin’s own natural substances that decreases during the aging process. The decreased Q10 leaves skin suceceptible to stress and damage, which eventually leads to sagging skin. Nivea’s O10 range helps replenish Q10 levels, supporting surface skin cell renewal and improving the appearance of skin. Sounds magic! I’m tempted to eat these Nivea products, just to save my bodies Q10!! *I don’t recommend you ingest any of these products*

This In-Shower body moisturiser is lightly fragranced with that lovely clean and soapy smell that is a trademark scent of Nivea products. A personal favourite feature that I love about Nivea! It contains refreshing menthol and Q10 massage beads that literally melt into the skin when applied under hot water, making skin feel tightened with a slight cooling sensation.

The best way to describe how to use this product is like the process of how most people wash their hair, you shampoo your hair and then condition it.  This is a similar concept. You cleanse your body first with your preferred shower cream/gel, (I personally like to use Nivea’s Creme Soft Shower Cream) and rinse. You then ‘condition’ your body with the In-Shower Body Moisturiser. Apply it all over like a regular body moisturiser and rinse off. Once you dry off, you will instantly feel the super supple softeness of your skin, just like you would using a traditional body moisturiser. Simply dry off, get dressed and you are ready to go out the door! No faffing about with lotions and potions and waiting for them to dry before you get dressed. What’s not to love about that!?

I really love the In-Shower Moisturisers from Nivea, I think they are super products and something I have bought several times, they do a fantastic job of moistursing my skin. I can’t honestly say I noticed a huge difference in the firmness of my skin with this particular version, but maybe this would be more noticeable in mature skin. There are five products within the Nivea In-Shower moisturiser range, all with a selection of nourishing and pampering ingredients for a range of skin types. I love them so much that I went out an repurchased this product today! The In-Shower Q10 Firming body moisturiser is the newest addition to the In-Shower range, priced at RRP€7.38 and available from leading supermarkets and pharmacies nationwide.

Nivea is most certainly a ‘one stop shop’ for all your skincare and sun protection needs this summer!

*Thank you to Breena at Drury PN for allowing me to trial this product.