Me Before You, Jojo Moyes

Set within Stortfold, England, a village divided by class, Me Before You tells the story of Lou Clark. A whimsical, lovable character who loses her café job, Lou is thrust out of her comfort zone into a world of uncertainty and new beginnings.

Lou becomes an employee to the wealthy and respected Traynor family as a carer for their son Will. Will Traynor’s life as a successful London professional change forever when he was involved in an accident with a motorcycle, leaving him as a quadriplegic. With no previous qualification or experience, Lou begins caring for Will. Will is a sarcastic, strong-willed character who plays the ‘victim’ card well, making him seem cold, aloof and sometimes angry. Their working relationship brings Will and Lou to unexpectedly discover a whole new side of life and living.

Starting her career as a journalist, Moyes made the transition to full-time novelist in 2002. Turning out a steady stream of addictive and engaging novels, bursting with dynamic characters told through a manner of storytelling that Jojo Moyes is known for.

If you enjoy reading romantic fiction or ‘chick-lit’ as it is often unfavourably labelled, you would be forgiven for judging this book by its cover. While essentially there is an element of romance within the pages of Me Before You that Moyes touches on without letting consume the entire body of the novel, this story is so much more than your average boy meets girl story.

Moyes allows the reader and characters within the book to be made aware of Will’s plans for his future, however she avoids the story taking an overtly maudlin or morbid tone. The colourful character of Lou, her entertaining family and the dynamic and fiery relationship between Will and Lou, keeps Me Before You moving along at a comfortable, witty and entertaining pace for the reader. The author dispels any myth to readers that disabled individuals cannot lead and enjoy an active and fulfilling life.

Moyes brings the story to what may be regarded as an unexpected close, an unconventional ending to what is a beautifully told, new and engaging story of love, loss, living and self-discovery. Me Before You has sold over five million copies worldwide and is currently being adapted into a major motion. The story will undoubtedly leave the reader pondering what happens next for the characters, thankfully Moyes has solved our problems with the aptly named sequel After You.

Me Before You has just been made into a major motion picture and hits cinemas on 3rd of June.

“I held him close and said nothing, all the while telling him silently that he was loved. Oh, but he was loved.”